Stephen J. Murphy

Register of Deeds

Requirements for Recording Documents


Documents must be signed with an original signature and notarized if required; Signors and notaries names must be printed under their signatures.  The expiration date for the notary must also be printed.

1.  Note proper tenancy (if applicable) and mailing address for grantees.

2.  Property address must be noted in the left margin on the front page of Deeds and Mortgages.

3.  Total number of pages of document must be noted on the front page of each document.

4. The return address must be noted on the first page of each document (Return codes are no longer applicable).

5.  Return to name and address must be noted on the first page of each document.

6.  Please staple or paper clip your multi-page documents.

7. If the document refers to attached exhibits, the exhibits must be attached and included at the end of the document. If description is by exhibit, it should attached as the last page.

8. Address and telephone numbers must be noted on all checks.

9. Checks for recording fees must be in the exact amount when mailing doucments to the Registry for recording. If the check amount is incorrect, the documents will not be accepted for recording. (It is recommended that the amount of the check be left blank when recording documents at the registry counter,until the documents are accepted for recording). Checks should be payable to "Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

10.  Self-addressed envelopes with the correct postage are required for the return of the original documents.

11. Plans will now be recorded separately in the Plans Department. Plans should recorded before the documents and a separate check is necessary for recording the plan. Plan requirements

  (Please see “Forms of payment link”)

Documents will not be accepted for recoRding unless the foregoing requirements are met.


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